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Smook Contractors Ltd. is a leading heavy civil contractor with a long history of providing high-quality construction services and materials to customers in both the public & private sectors.



Our skilled workforce is the backbone of our success, delivering results with expertise and dedication.



With a rich legacy spanning over seven decades, we bring a wealth of experience to every project.



Our modern fleet of specialized vehicles ensures efficiency and precision in our operations.

Products and Services

Drilling & Blasting

Aggregate Production

Earth & Rock Excavation

Environmental Clean-up

GPS Surveying

Mine Construction

Open Pit Operations

Site Works

 Deck & Heavy Haul

Service Areas

Founded by five brothers in 1949, we've grown and prospered over the years, with a special focus on Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut.

Committed to Our Clients
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We are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our experienced team goes the extra mile to meet your expectations and ensure your project's success.

Vast Service Locations
Remote Site?

No matter how remote your project location is, we've got you covered. Our team is equipped to handle projects in even the most challenging and remote regions of Canada.

A Safe Environment for All
Commitment to Our Employees

Our commitment to safety is unmatched, with a COR safety program that far exceeds industry and government standards.
We believe that safety is a core value and encourage all employees to participate in our continuous improvement efforts.

Dedicated to What Matters
Empowering Our Community

We take pride in our employees, many of whom come from First Nation communities, and are committed to fostering opportunities for personal growth. Our deep dedication to professionalism has earned recognition from our customers on many occasions.

A turtle with a feather, an inuksuk and a Metis symbol

Mission Statement

"Smook is a community-oriented provider of heavy construction services and materials to customers in both the public and private sectors. We are committed to being an industry leader through our quality of work, standard of safety, employee satisfaction and the protection of the environment."

Our Partners and Programs

We are accredited in many different aspects of our industry.

COR National Standard
Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
Thompson Chamber of Commerce

Smook Contractors Ltd is a subsidiary of Mullen Group Ltd.


  • 1 204 677 1560 (Main)
  • 1 204 778 7836 (Fax)


  • 101 Hayes Road
    Thompson, MB
    R8N 1M3

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