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About Us

Company History

Smook Contractors Ltd. has a long history in the province of Manitoba. Beginning in 1949, five Smook brothers (Peter, Jerry, Bill, Steve and Nick) started the business of running a saw mill and building municipal roads in and around Vita. Over the next two decades, the company, then known as Smook Bros., embraced a number of business opportunities throughout the province, including:

  • projects in northern Manitoba for the Department of Highways and Manitoba Hydro;
  • site development work for Falcon Lake Golf Course;
  • town site preparation for Pinawa; and
  • site work for the development of Bird’s Hill Provincial Park.

In 1967, when Smook Bros. obtained three years worth of year-round work in northern Manitoba from Inco (now Vale), the Department of Highways and the new City of Thompson, the company made the move north. In 1979-80, a new generation took over the reigns of Smook Bros. so that by the end of 1980, Nick’s sons Edward (Ted) and Chris shared ownership of Smook Bros. Over the course of the next 30+ years, Smook Bros. grew and prospered under their leadership into one of the largest private-sector success stories based in northern Manitoba. On April 30, 2010, Smook Bros. was acquired by Mullen Group Ltd. of Okotoks, Alberta, and now as Smook Contractors Ltd., is a member of the Mullen family of companies. Although both Ted and Chris have since retired from the business, the company continues their proud legacy under the leadership of JR Beavis.

Mission Statement

"Smook Contractors Ltd. (Smook) is a community-oriented provider of heavy construction services and materials to customers in both the public and private sectors. We are committed to being an industry leader through our quality of work, standard of safety, employee satisfaction and the protection of the environment."

Evidence of Smook’s commitments as outlined in this mission statement comes from the recognition received from a number of organizations. Within the past ten years, Smook has been recognized as follows:

  • the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Award (3 times); and
  • the Manitoba Infrastructure Awards of Excellence for:
        o Base A.S.T. at the Black River access road;
        o grading Highway 6 from Minago River to Hargrave River; and
        o grading Provincial Road 391 between Thompson and Nelson House (64 km).
        o grading Provincial Road 6, Sasagui Rapids to 25 km north.
Safety in the workplace is a deeply entrenched core value of Mullen Group Ltd, just as it has been at Smook for many years. A special source of pride to the company was when the Workers’ Compensation Board of Manitoba used Smook’s safety program as a foundation for creating a model for the heavy construction industry.